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The Journey of Pauline, as she ends a marriage and travels to live

in Southern California, her ultimate dream at the time. She goes through
personal growth, empowerment, and life changes on her own for the first time at the age of thirty-eight. She is enjoying the lifestyle of living in Southern California, starting her career over after twenty years, dating again after twelve years, and finding answers to her most sought-out questions.  After going through a divorce, she decided to be happy and live her dream. Through this, she has grown personally and has accepted the changes in her life for the better. -Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle- Found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Balboa Press. Pauline has also, been on Hay House Radio and television.


“In I have Worn Both Pairs of Shoes, Pauline Robertson chronicles a five-year hiatus from the Boston area after a painful divorce. The journeys throughout the book are rich ones- from California parties at the Playboy Mansion juxtaposed with visiting orphanages in Bulgaria. The journey is also an internal one that is characterized by lessons learned from bad romantic relationships, quality friendships, reading self-help books, practicing Bikram yoga, running and renewing her faith. Ultimately, her greatest lesson  comes through an experience that was the source of her painful divorce. It is worth the read to travel the journey with her.“  -Deborah Plummer Bussey, author of They Still Call Me Sister and Racing across the Lines


“Found it very inspiring & honest, loved that Pauline took all the negative things that were happening in her life & took a more positive path in not only helping others out but also achieving things in her life...The feeling I was left with after reading her memoir was that you can do anything you set your mind to....Life is always a learning as the saying & learn!!!!!! “  -Colleen G

“This book makes you think about your own choices in life! Awesome read, funny, sad, and thumbs up to the author for sharing her life!” -Patty W

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