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She has been able to encourage others with positive feedback and listening to what a clients needs are. As a Life Coach, she is given this opportunity to help you make the choices and set goals for yourself with the right tools, and asking specific questions to get you to your

desired goal.

Pauline has been inspiring people for many years. Having worked in a customer service industry for many years. She has been able to encourage, empower and inspire people for many years. Having gone through life’s experiences and challenges herself. 

Pauline Robertson 

Professional Certified Life Coach (ICF)

Certified Life Coach (CLC)

Certified Relationship Coach (CRC)

KeyNote Speaker

Founder & President


“Thank You again for taking the time to listen to what I had to
say. You gave me guidance where I truly needed to move forward in my life. I know I can do it on my own now"

Susan R., Newport Beach, CA


“Pauline is a great Life Coach! She helps you make the right
choices and gives you the tools in helping with tough decisions. She has helped me to be a much more positive person” 

Rachel T, Wellesley, Ma


" I was starting a new career and wanted a sounding board for my efforts. Pauline was empathetic while offering concrete steps for success. I wholeheartedly valued her input & advice during the transition"                                                 Gary K, Boston, Ma